Getting LispOS going

Alaric B. Williams
Sat, 24 May 1997 08:32:43 +0000

> >  What are YOU doing? (not just Jordon!)
> I think we've got a fundamental problem here, which is that we have no
> means of making a decision. Linux has a benevolent dictatorship, and
> we have anarchy.

Richard Coleman, why hast thou forsaken me???
> We need to decide on a way to govern this project. Citizens referenda
> is one way, (which we used to choose the name "LispOS"). The only
> trouble with this is that it's not self-evident that everyone on this
> list was created equal. What I mean is that, not everyone on this list
> is actually going to do anything, except cast in their vote for
> something they know little about.
> So proposals for a constitution are open.

How about Alistair Crowley's classic "Do what thou wilt", with
a paragraph explaining it - everyone starts to write /their/ idea
of a LispOS, then finds out how hard it is and joins in with somebody
else. The list exists for merging the LispOSs and forging compatabilities
by discussing APIs and the like.
> Here is an opening suggestion. We form about 6 groups, to which any
> person can only belong to say two. The 6 might be, VM, OOFS,
> utilities, web, and whatever. Then within that group, voting takes
> place on which direction is going to be taken to move forward. Then -
> guess what - you implement what was voted for, whether your idea "won"
> or not.

Sounds OK, as well!

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