A Summary of Project so far [Why ANSI CL?]

Alaric B. Williams alaric@abwillms.demon.co.uk
Sat, 24 May 1997 08:32:45 +0000

> So again, I propose that instead of arguing with each other,
> people would group into a CL-env list, a Scheme-env list,
> a KLisp list, an PStore list, a versioning-OOFS list, etc.
> i.e. better 5 groups working in competition/cooperation
> rather than 1 group arguing to hell.

I'd join a Scheme list and expound my viewpoints if anyone's
willing to join me, and somebody's willing to create a
Scheme list!
> I have already proposed to move talk for a Kernel Lisp
> and/or for a Persistent Store on tunes-lll@ens.fr
> (the two are rather deeply related,
> though they could also be done separately).

Hmmmmm... I think that bringing TUNES into LispOS too much
will start to arouse the protection instinct in the LispOS
people... they might feel threatened, that something's
going to "subsume" LispOS... IMHO...
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Alaric B. Williams (alaric@abwillms.demon.co.uk)

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