Let's stop the flames on USENET

Chris Bitmead uid chris.bitmead@Alcatel.com.au
Mon, 26 May 1997 10:38:30 +1000

>It isn't the people you are attacking that I am concerned about. There
>are a few dozen of them. It is the thousands of people *reading* and
>coming to opinions of various languages and groups that I am worried
>about. Now, when any of us promote Lisp anywhere people's neurons snap
>shut and they think: "Another Lisp fanatic -- they can't speak
>objectively" -- just as they thought about Amiga users, OS/2 users, and
>so on and so forth. Linux has escaped the fanaticism ghetto through
>*code*, not flamage.

Let's not carry the flame war onto this mailing list. Actually I've
found the current flame war to be extremely informative as far as
flame wars go, and I've even learnt one or two things. And I've never
heard of someone choosing against a particular language based on the
users being "fanatics". If anything, Linux fanaticism is what brought
it to prominance. I'll bet there are a lot of people who read that
flame war who've actually learnt something positive about Lisp.

Ok, anyone who wants to discuss Usenet, how about you discuss it _on_