$500 for an XL1201! Sound good?

David K. Schmidt by way of vogt@novia.net Christopher J. Vogt dkschmidt@compuserve.com
27 May 1997 15:54:32 -0500

The following was posted to the info.slug news group (slug stands for
Symbolics Lisp Users Group).  Since some of you have voiced interest in
getting a symbolics, nows your chance, if you have several hundered
dollars to spare.

Symbolics has recently been given consignment of a large number =

of XL1201s that are being returned to a leasing company. In the =

interest of keeping Symbolics' technology alive and unloading =

these machines fast, we have convinced the leasing company to =

allow us to offer them for $500 a piece.  This price does not =

include shipping charges ($50) or tax for CA, MA and VA residents.

The XL1201 is the "pizza-box" version of the XL1200.  It uses the =

Ivory rev 4 processor giving 6 times the performance of a 3600.  =

The XL1201 has only 2 VME bus slots, which are used by the Main =

and I/O boards.  Therefore the FrameThrower (Photon) color =

framebuffer cannot be added to an XL1201.  It will, however, run =

some color applications using the X-Window system protocol, just =

as the NXP does.  The XL1201 measures 18" wide, 20" deep and 6" high,
uses standard 15A 125V power and does not require special cooling. =

36xx users should recover the purchase price in electric savings =

during the first few months of operation.

Each XL1201 has 4 MWords of memory, a 380 MB internal ESDI disk with =

Genera 8.3 installed, a 50 pin external SCSI connector, serial and =

ethernet ports.  The floating point coprocessor, monitor and keyboard =

are NOT included.  These items are available at extra cost.  Any =

Symbolics 36xx monitor and keyboard can be used with the XL1201. =

The XL1201 accepts most standard SCSI disk and tape peripherals. =

$  500 for XL1201 with 4 MW / 380 MByte disk (list price $2,000)
       NO FPA, monitor or keyboard

$  400 for an additional 4 MW of memory (list price $1,600)

$  600 for a 17 inch mono monitor with cable, keyboard & mouse
       (quantities are limited) =

$  800 for a 19 inch mono monitor with cable, keyboard & mouse
       (quantities are limited)

$1,200 for a 2 GB external SCSI disk (list price $1,475 without software)=

       pre-loaded with Joshua, Concordia, Statice, KEE and  =

       Genera 8.3 System Sources  =

This is a special one time offer, not a "going out of business" sale.
Terms are cash or check prior to shipment.  We will start shipping
systems after 30 June 1997 via FedEx 2nd day delivery. Sales will =

only be guaranteed after receipt of payment.  All equipment has a =

90 day return to factory warranty.  When we run out of leased machines,
the offer is over.  This offer absolutely ends on 29 July 1997.  Any
machines not sold by then will be retuned to Chatsworth and pricing =

reverts back to the amount published in the Symbolics price list.
If you are interested in this offer contact me by phone, fax or E-mail.


President                               E-mail:  david@symbolics.com =

Symbolics Technology, Inc.               Phone:  703-455-0430
P.O. Box 10862, Burke, VA  22015           Fax:  703-440-0388=