Purpose of LispOS & -VM?

Ernst van Waning Ernst.van.Waning@infometrics.nl
Thu, 29 May 1997 15:44:23 +0200

At 22:06 22-05-97 -0500, Jordan Henderson wrote:
>I still think my proposal archive is a good idea.  If people have specific
>proposals for some implementation issue/feature/application, send them to me
>and I'll put them up at http://www.neosoft.com/~jordan/LispersAnonymous.  
>Then, people can read the proposals and send their comments to the author of
>the proposal.  I would hope that this would lead to Birds-of-a-feather 
>groups forming and teams going.  But, I don't know.  I'm beginning to think
>that nothing will come of all this talk, just as no palpable progress is
>being made on similar projects you can find out there.
>Don't mind me, I haven't had my medication today.

I agree with Jordan -- although I dropped into this discussion a few days ago.
What is the purpose of this discussion?  Is there a clear goal?
(Implementing a Lisp with all features we collectively dream of is not very
clear to me)
Maybe we can identify some fundamental and *practical* problem areas where
the lisp-culture could contribute significantly, and other cultures (C,
Cobol, 4GL, Java, &c) could not.
BTW, in CACM (may, 1997) there is some interesting stuff about dynamic
object technology, strongly advertised by Franz.  This is such an area.  Are
there similar areas that we can identify or address?
In that case, Lisp or its culture could (finally) win...

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