Mailing list problems?

Kelly Murray kem@Franz.COM
Fri, 30 May 1997 15:20:47 -0700

> I got your message, so I think maybe people are just taking a breather from
> posting. Wo knows, maybe spomeone out there is actually coding?

I think everyone is waiting for Richard Coleman (who created the
mailing list) to speak up and address some of the issues raised.

Let me suggest this:  For a LispOS to actually be created and used,
lots of applications written in C today will have to be written in Lisp.
Therefore, people can help a whole lot by simply picking just about any
application that isn't written in Lisp today, and write a version
of it in Lisp.
About the only thing that must be decided is which base
language to use, and it seems most agree Common Lisp is best,
however, something written in Scheme instead would be better
than nothing, or something written in C.

This work is mostly independent of which kernel, which hardware,
which persistent store, etc, is ultimately used.
Just try to modularize the code as much as possible.

Given these apps exist, they can be "ported" to whatever ends
up getting created.  It will certainly be helpful for my SilkMachine.

So let's change the subject from all the kernel-level issues,
and let's produce a list of applications that
would be useful to have, and we can discuss if they are useful,
and once we get a list of them, people can pick out one they
will be responsible for implementing.

Is this a good idea?

-kelly edward murray