Mailing list problems?

Dwight Hughes
Fri, 30 May 1997 18:49:09 -0500

| From: Kelly Murray <>
  [  snip  ]
| So let's change the subject from all the kernel-level issues,
| and let's produce a list of applications that
| would be useful to have, and we can discuss if they are useful,
| and once we get a list of them, people can pick out one they
| will be responsible for implementing.
| Is this a good idea?

Sure, and in the process we might be able to flesh out some ideas
about just what the LispEnv should have and should look like --
*not* the final version -- let's say what we could reasonably get
going in about a year. This has only been lightly brushed over so

And it might help give some reasonable ideas about what should be
in the first "kernel", to get things going there. A lot of really
nice but quite complex capabilities have been tossed around for
the LispOS core -- we need something simple guys! I think we have
somewhat overwhelmed ourselves and don't know where to begin.
No, I'm not going to pop out with the "solution" - someone that
actually has some experience would be far preferable.

-- Dwight