LispOS and me

P. T. Withington
Tue, 18 Nov 97 13:36:13 +0000

On 11/18/97 11:47, Fare Rideau wrote:

>>: MLR
>> 1. What is abstraction inversion?
>I took the term from one of Henry Baker's excellent papers
>An abstraction inversion is the phenomenon that happens when
>"a simpler notion is defined in terms of more complex notions".
>The cost of abstraction inversion is paid by high-overhead in implementation,
>difficulty in semantic analysis and proofs, mismatch of development tools,
>general bloat, complexity and unsafety, etc.
>-- #f
>PS: a ridiculous example comes to my mind: instead of having people
>trying to build a free LISP environment on top of Linux/Win32,
>imagine people trying to build a Wintel PC emulator in LISP...

Clearly the inversion is the former.