Lisp User Group Meeting 1998 in Munich, Germany

Rainer Joswig
Tue, 7 Oct 1997 16:58:33 +0200

Lisp User Group Meeting 1998 in Munich, Germany
  Thursday, 12. February 1998
  (Parallel to the OOP '98)

Call for Papers

  Dear Lisp Friend!

After this years success we are organizing
the Lisp User Group Meeting 1998 in Munich.
It will be an exciting place to share your ideas
and communicate your solutions. Rapidly evolving
hard- and software enables us to
use Lisp-based software to stay ahead
of the competition. Problems are getting more
complex and development cycles are getting shorter.

We are extremely interested in hearing about your
innovative applications of Lisp. An exhibition
of applications will be an addition to
the talks. You will have the chance to meet
fellow Lisp users and to hear about the
advantages of very dynamic object-oriented
development with Lisp. We also will have a
better visibility at the OOP 98.

* Focus: Lisp on the Client

This year the focus is on how people are using
Lisp on the Client platforms like PCs and Macs.

The PC currently dominates the client
market and is also moving into traditional
server markets. New technologies are trying
to create common clients over multiple
platforms. Lisp is addressing this
in its unique powerful way.

* Call for Papers

Are you using Lisp for GUI-intensive applications?
Do you have novel ideas how to network Lisp
systems? Cross platform development is no
problem for you? Your application interfaces easily
to typical desktop software? You are running a free
Lisp on Linux? You are bringing powerful
AI solutions to client systems? You have
solutions for complex and/or adaptive software?
Your graphics software is ahead of the

We like to hear from you. Not only there will be
talks from Lisp users, but we also would like
ot give you the opportunity to demonstrate
your Lisp software.

  Please send your abstracts, comments and ideas
  to .

* Preliminary Time Table

The preliminary time table for the
Lisp User Group Meeting 1998 in Munich, Germany.
The event will take place at the 12. February 1998.
An invitation will be made later.

   First Day (Social Event)
     Wednesday, 11. February 1998

     The first day of the Lisp User Group Meeting 1998
     can be used to visit the OOP Exhibition.
     In the evening Lisp users
     will meet in a Munich restaurant.

   Second Day (Talks and Exposition)
     Thursday, 12. February 1998

     09:00 Welcome
     09:15 Lisp Market Overview
     09:45 Introduction to the Exposition
     10:30 Coffee Break
     11:00 Invited Talk
     11:45 Talk
     12:15 Lunch
     13:30 Talk
     14:00 Talk
     14:30 Talk
     15:00 Coffee Break
     15:30 Vendor News
     16:30 Discussions/Ideas
     17:00 End

* Lisp User group

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Use the administration interface at to be added.

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