The Marketing of LispOS?

Rainer Joswig
Tue, 31 Mar 1998 23:55:24 +0200

At 13:18 31.03.98 -0800, Reginald S. Perry wrote:

>Or pick any one of the cool ideas that people like Rainer Joswig,
>Henry Baker and others talk about. If you are interested in making a
>profit out of this venture, unsubscribe from the list now, you are
>pretty much wasting your time here.

Not really. While it is true, that there is enough other
stuff to do. Like using description logics for
implementing web-based applications on top
of CL-HTTP. ;-)

             *** Take care of your tools. ***
               *** Eat your own dog food ***
                  *** Don' apologize. ***

You can only implement your dreams if there is infrastructure
for it. A LispOS can be a very valuable infrastructure.
Lisp has lost the leading edge without reason, due to
lack of infrastructure and decreasing interest.


Rainer Joswig