Education as an application

Ernst van Waning
Thu, 9 Apr 1998 10:27:13 +0200 (MET DST)

This sounds like a great idea to me.  Education will only become more
important in the future for any of us and an educational system allowing
world-wide access is well worth working for.

At 19:44 8-04-98 -0700, Byron Davies wrote:
>I have become very interested in education as an application domain.  I've
>been doing extensive volunteer work with the Arizona Learning Technology
>Partnership, an organization whose goal is to foster the use of "learning
>technology" (computers, software, telecommunications) to improve the
>quality of education in Arizona K-12 schools.
> ...
>What about setting up a Linux-like effort for educational software?  I can
>imagine some months of hacking by a number of people, just replicating the
>behavior of existing educational software and creating a free library of
>classes and user interfaces that would feed into the standards efforts and
>provide the basis for a rapidly evolving body of learning software.
>Someone could focus on Math Blaster etc., someone else on Pierian Springs
>software, others on DOD-supported computer-aided instruction, and others on
>published university research.  I envision the effort being based on Lisp,
>CLIM, and CL-HTTP -- and other Lisp-based tools -- to get the biggest
>productivity boost.
> ...
>Any interest?  Is someone already doing this?  Are there enough Lisp
>programmers with interest in educational software to get this off the
>ground?  Or would a commercial, proprietary effort be a better way to
>exploit the power of Lisp for educational software?
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