seeking LispM virtual memory, memory management, and garbage collection information

John Morrison
Sat, 15 Aug 1998 11:03:02 -0400

Hello All;

I apologize in advance if the mention of the "J-word" (Java) in this
posting is inflammatory.  I am seeking the above materials in support of
the freeware JavaOS (JOS) project.  

What I *really* want is Genera (or the equivalent thereof) running on
the commodity x86 PC-clone on my desk.  I'm one of those heretics (I
gather that is the appropriate term, from reading the archive of this
list) that thinks Java will be everywhere, so, if you want Lisp
everywhere, compile it to Java (and performance be damned -- at least,
in the short run).

To this end, I am writing a version of the prospective JOS native-code
runtime in C++ (it is from a clean sheet of paper, so I am not
constrained by pre-existing mechanisms).  Current status is that I have
(finally) solved how to build and download kernels so that turnaround is
about 30 seconds between tests.  The current version can put the
[expletive deleted] Intel part into protected mode, and have a ramdisk
in memory, ready to contain bytecodes.  Although there are still many
things to do, it is about time that I finally settle how the various
kernel physical, virtual, and Java allocation, deallocation and GC
mechanisms relate (if, in fact, they are different).  
Thus, I would greatly appreciate some pointers to web-available
information on how the various LispMs got good performance out of
relating closely the virtual memory mechanisms and the GC.

Please reply to me, as I am not on the mailing list.

Very Truly Yours,


p.s., of course, if anybody's interested in helping...

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