Info: PC Native Oberon Operating System

Rainer Joswig
Sat, 5 Dec 1998 12:28:50 +0100

Oberon is a successor to Pascal and Modula 2.
In former times there was a special machine running
an Oberon OS. Later this stuff has been ported
to run on top of other machines. Now they
are getting rid of the underlying OS again.

>       PC Native Oberon Operating System
>PC Native Oberon is a free 32-bit operating system for Intel-based
>PCs. It is an extensible system based on Niklaus Wirth's Oberon
>language. The minimal nature of the basic system appeals to people
>who appreciate lean software, but it also has modern features like
>the Gadgets component framework with integrated Internet support.
>The system is an ideal environment for low-resource computing, and
>has been applied in embedded systems. It is maintained actively at
>the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich (ETH), and email
>support is available. 
>Being native means that the system is in complete control of the
>computer, and no other operating system is used, although it can
>coexist with other operating systems on the same disk. On the
>downside, this also means that the only supported devices are those
>for which Oberon drivers have been written. Most of the source code
>is freely downloadable, and the full source code can be obtained
>under contract from the ETH. 

Seems like the Oberon community has something in the works.

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