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shell\r\elogin:, 27 Jul 1998 23:28:06 -0800

At 2:08 7/28/98, Rainer Joswig wrote:
>In MCL for example the editors and listeners are different windows.
>Executing code from an editor runs the code in the
>top most listener. That's where the output goes. Handy.

with allegro ACL 4.3 on un!x platforms, franz supplies the "fi" interface that runs in (x)emacs, and delivers the same kind of advantage. of course, ACL is also proprietary, but you seem to like that kind of thing... :-)
however, i gather that ilisp in (x)emacs achieves similar effects, though i have not used it much yet myself.

>As a Emacs user I have source. As a Symbolics user I have source, too.
>Makes not much difference in practice. If you need an extension
>you either develop it yourself, ask somebody else or ask
>the people who created it. Makes not much difference to me.

the difference is that with a large user community, somebody will make improvements that will benefit everybody, which is orders of magnitude less likely to happen in a tiny user community.

>>available, and anybody could do further modifications and improvements,
>Even a bunch of "loosers" breaking the thing with "improvements". Sorry.

the same hold true for random improvements to symbolics source. not much difference there. you would need a system where not even the source code is delivered, before this holds true. of course, then you're just stuck, waiting for the vendor's wizards to fix it, which sure tends to cost a lot of money in the common lisp world.

Markus Krummenacker