Document Examiner features?

Gilbert Baumann
Sun, 26 Jul 1998 02:40:42 +0200

Hi all!

    Finally I am back again. Some people stated once, that the
Symbolics Document Examiner was in some way superior to HTML and
common implementation of Web Browsers. So my question is: What are
those features?

All I know about the Document Examiner is that it looks great (I saw
it once) and what Nielsen wrote about it [1].

Additionally to the usual user interface of common Web browsers, I
am about to implement:

 - The Document Examiner's "bookmark lists". Not to be confused with
   Web browser's bookmarks list. Nielsen calls this "shopping lists",
   which is also a bad name in the Web context, since real shopping
   via WWW is expected to become common.

 - Local search over a whole or multiple documents.

So what is missing to make HTML suitable for documentation?


[1] Jakob Nielsen; Multimedia and Hypertext: The internet and beyond