Symbolics dead again?

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> From: (Kragen)
> Date:  Fri, 6 Mar 1998 15:26:42 -0500 (EST)
> I heard a rumor from someone at a company that uses a lot of Symbolics
> equipment that Symbolics is bankrupt again.  He says they bought a bit
> of equipment from them during their brief revival, but now they're not
> even answering their phones when called for support.
> But the web site is still up.
> What's going on?  I hope Symbolics is still alive.

Got this in the mail a few days ago:

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In January Symbolics laid off the last 3 employees.  After 10 years with
Symbolics and two unsuccessful attempts to buy the assets, I am off to
other, yet to be determined, endeavors.  My last year and a half as
President, CEO, CFO, Director of Sales and East Coast Customer Service
Engineer  was without a doubt the most interesting.  I want to thank all
those loyal Symbolics customers who helped keep the company going well pa=
its perdicted demise. =

In anticipation of a number of questions that people might have, I am
providing the following information.

The person or persons who made the successful offer to buy the Symbolics
assets are using a Boston law firm, Ropes and Gray (617-951-7000), to
handle the purchase.  I have heard rumors that  Andrew Topping is involve=
in the deal, but I have no information about him.  I do not know what the=
plans are and do not know  whether they will offer hardware and/or softwa=
maintenance.  =

The Symbolics phone numbers in Chatsworth, CA are still in operation, but=

no one is answering the phone and I am not sure whether anyone is checkin=
the messages.

Princeton Capital Finance Co. (PrinCap), the current owner of the Symboli=
assets, told me they were shutting down their operation on Friday, 2/27. =

Their phone number (609-275-7100) is supposed to remain in service as a
voice mail box.  I was told that Steve Gander had been tasked by ABN-AMRO=

Bank to hold Symbolics together until the purchase is closed.  His curren=
E-mail address is, but that will change after th=
turn off the PrinCap computers in a month or so.  The only mailing addres=
left for Symbolics is P.O. Box 389, Princeton Junction, NJ  80530

Ron Drake is the representative of ABN-AMRO Bank who is supervising the
shutdown of PrinCap.  He appears to have significant influence over what
happens to the Symbolics assets and is directing Steve Gander on what he =
allowed to do for Symbolics maintenance customers.  His number is
212-891-0621.  This is the only number for the current owners where you
will get a live person at the other end of the phone.

Before I left, the second release of Open Genera for DEC Alpha workstatio=
was ready to go out for CD duplication.  Genera 8.5 for Ivory workstation=
was close to completion, but had a few bugs left to work out.  I do not
know what the future of these two products will be.

For those people with hardware problems while Symbolics is in a state of
limbo, I will be happy to try to assist you in any way I can. If you need=

help or have other questions, please feel free to contact me by E-mail at= or by phone at 703-455-0430.


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