Symbolics dead again?

Thomas Fischbacher
Mon, 9 Mar 1998 09:54:40 +0100

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"Re: Symbolics dead again?"

> So has anybody out there done anything since this mailing list
> was started?

Yes, I'd say so. I currently have:

* Some extensions for GCL for rudimentary libX11 and libXpm support,
  MUD-style TCP/IP servers as well as an implementation of what
  is called open3() in perl.

* A portable C library interface in the form of a bunch of macros
  that expand to the corresponding interfacing mechanisms of
  different LISPs. (Currently supported: CMU CL / Linux and ACL / Linux)

* Some networking functions on top of this. (I didn't touch that for
  quite some time and it's still quite buggy -- getsockopt() was the
  last function I implemented.)

* More or less 1:1 interfaces to libX11 functions for my LISP->C package
  (Why this if there is CLX? Simple answer: libraries like libGL want
  libX11 structures.)

* Rudimentary OpenGL support, also on top of my LISP->C interface.
  (The main problem here is to provide a more usable interface to
  GLX functionality than GLX itself. I've written a minimal test
  function that displays a lighted octahedron which can be rotated
  by pressing a mouse button. The fine thing is that the very same code
  works with ACL and CMUCL.)
* A small function showing how lesstif could be used from within LISP.

* Fast-fourier transformations (1d, 2d, 3d -- written last week).

Most of that stuff still is in quite an early stage; there are still
some bugs to be fixed, documentation is virtually nonexistent, and
there are still many opportunities for performance improvements.
However, if anyone wants to help me with one of those projects,
feel free to send me a short message. :-)

regards,             Thomas Fischbacher -