Minimum set of primitives?

Andrey Taranov
Wed, 18 Mar 1998 13:20:01 +0300

Hello all

Chris Hanson wrote:
> What set of primitives would absolutely need to be supported for a sort of
> "proto-Lisp", which could be used as an implementation language for a more
> full-featured Lisp (for example, Scheme)?
> I remember something about there being seven primitives...

That's a rather theoretical question, I suppose. If we should ever use
such an approach, then we'd better look at something practical of the
same flavour. As a good ("good" is my private opinion) example of such a
thing you can look at the design of Scheme48. It is bootstrapped from
scratch using a special subset of Scheme (not a subset strictly, because
it is tailored in some way to be easily translated into C).

Andrey Taranov