Benevolent Dictatorship

Lyn A Headley
Thu, 19 Mar 1998 22:53:44 -0600

    Gavin> our ideas about the "best" way to proceed.  Maybe we should
    Gavin> use some sort of parlimentary procedure, and have an
    Gavin> elected chairman.  We could put motions on the table as to
    Gavin> the steps as they become pertinent.  Then we could vote as
    Gavin> to which would be the best way to continue.  I don't think

This sounds doable.  We can't have general votes on everything though;
some decisions should only be made by the people with intimate
knowledge of the module affected.  We need to compartmentalize people
and define clear interactions between the modules.  But sure, in the
early days there should be a lot of "general" votes to hash out the
overall flavor of the system.

    Gavin> 	2. Bootstraping.  This is a particularly difficult
    Gavin> question, as the FLUX OS toolkit is unavailable.  I think
    Gavin> that we should open the table for motions on options in
    Gavin> this catagory

We should wait for flux.  It should be released any time now, no?
There is plenty of designing to do before we write code anyway.