Benevolent Dictatorship

Lyn A Headley
Fri, 20 Mar 1998 00:58:14 -0600

    Kragen> I suggest another way: a sort of economy, like Linux.

This is a pretty pragmatic approach, and it leads to a proliferation
of code, which is pretty cool, but it sure as hell doesn't lead to an
elegant system.  Rather, it leads to something about as elegant as
Linux.  I think it's critical that we *do not* start writing code yet.
I mean, we can't just start hacking pieces of a system without
thinking of the system as a whole.  We must decide *what* we want to
build before we start building it.  Note that I don't think I'm being
to theoretical or impractical here.  I'm as much for using other
people's pre-existing code as the next person.  We just can't toss the
code in at a moment's notice.