Benevolent Dictatorship

Harvey J. Stein
20 Mar 1998 20:20:11 +0300 (Harvey J. Stein) writes:

> Linus himself originally said that it wasn't portable.  But, then some
> DEC guys started doing the alpha port, and had it runing on DEC alphas
> in a surprisingly short amount of time.  It turned out that the
> machine dependencies weren't so hard to isolate and fix.

I know I'm talking to myself, but to substantiate my claims, I wanted
to list current linux ports (from

Hardware Ports 
          ARM Linux 
          DEC Alpha (AXP) 
          Linux/m68k (Atari and Amiga), Linux/m68k for Apple Macintosh, and Linux NeXT Cubes 
          Linux/VME (m68k based MVME162/166/167 boards) and a MVME147 version 
          ELKS Project (i8086 - i80286) 
          LinuxPPC (PowerPC), Linux/PowerMac (Monolithic Linux for Apple PowerMacs) as well as
          LinuxPPC for Motorola PowerStack and IBM PPC 
          Linux/AP+ (Fujitsu AP1000+) 
          MkLinux for PowerMac (Micro Kernel Linux) 
          Linux MCA Homepage (Micro Channel bus) 
          HP PA-RISC 
          VMELinux, Linux for VMEbus embedded systems. 

Of course, lots of these are in their prenatal state, but alot of them
also boot & run applications.  There's even a port to the PalmPilot!

Harvey J. Stein
Berger Financial Research