Minimum set of primitives?

Harvey J. Stein
20 Mar 1998 20:29:10 +0300

Rodrigo Ventura <> writes:

> >>>>> "Paul" == Paul Prescod <> writes:
>     Paul> I don't know about the GIMP, but EMACS and Linux were *not* made in this
>     Paul> environment. Linux was started by *one man* who kept control over
>         Yeah, you are absolutely in some points. However note that
> Linus developed a very small Linux kernel, I guess version 0.01 was
> about 70k gzipped code! Nowadays it has extended beyond the 10MB!

Another size point - kernel .98 pl10, which was quite usable, was
about 200k gzipped, if I recall correctly.

BTW, this difference in source code size is largely due to drivers,
which gives an idea of the amount of work necessary for supporting PC
hardware, and this doesn't even count video cards!

Harvey J. Stein
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