CL functionality in SchemeOS

Mike McDonald
Mon, 23 Mar 1998 14:20:31 -0800 (PST)

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>Subject: Re: CL functionality in SchemeOS
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>>>>>> "Byron" == Byron Davies <> writes:
>Byron> As a long-time Common Lisp user, I think SchemeOS without most
>Byron> of the functionality embodied in CLtL2, would be just another
>Byron> toy operating system.
>I absolutely agree, though I think that SLIB (a scheme library) goes
>some of the distance of bringing CL functionality to scheme.
>Wrt. OO there is also a number of implementations available.
>Byron> Perhaps the work could be divided up by the chapters of CLtL2:
>Byron> an individual or team could take responsibility for one or more
>Byron> chapters.
>Some of Mark Kantrowitzs portable packages (such as defsystem and
>xref) should also be considered. Not because these facilities
>necessarily are The Right Solution (TM) but because metaprogramming is
>pretty much lacking in the scheme world (AFAIK).
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  Then why pick Scheme?? If you want CL functionality, pick CL!

  Mike McDonald