CL functionality in SchemeOS

Chris Bitmead chrisb@Ans.Com.Au
Tue, 24 Mar 1998 03:52:10 +0000 wrote:

> What I've been saying about Scheme hasn't exactly been tactful
> either, but let's face it; so many of Scheme's advocates have
> their heads so up in the cloud about Scheme's small size that
> none of them seem to wake up to the fact that Scheme is small
> for the same reason a "Hello World" program is small -- it isn't
> very useful!

I would never say Scheme is good because it is small.

> Languages need 2 things to be truly good:
>         1) Flexibility of Syntax (Scheme has this)
>         2) Functionality (Scheme does not have this)

Scheme has plenty of functionality in things like slib. What is
the problem?

Chris Bitmead