Why LispOS?

J. Han hjh@best.com
Tue, 24 Mar 1998 19:29:13 -0800 (PST)

To Old Timers:

I have been meaning to ask this question and present discussion
seems to be a good place to ask it:

	What is it like using a Lisp Machine?

I have read a few AI Lab memos and seen Genera screenshots, but
I still don't have concrete feel for a Lisp Machine.  I usually
live inside Emacs but of course it's not quite the Real McCoy, is it?

I bet many people who have never seen a live LispM would like 
to hear the answer, too.  Old timers: it's an open invitation to
tell your stories.  Spill all the juicy details!

[If you can post a ftpable mpeg showing a short presentation of Genera,
that would be great.  I guess the presentation script should be 
tight and concise to keep the length and mpeg size manageble.
Hmm, I wonder how big is a 10 minuite mpeg (800x600)?
Even more I am willing to fork over small sum of money for a videotape

Never mind mpeg.  Write and write and write.  Let's read something
concrete on this list.


	J Han

"The whole point of Lisp is that it _is_ a machine, not a language!"
	-- Henry Baker