Why LispOS?

Rainer Joswig joswig@lavielle.com
Thu, 26 Mar 1998 00:23:38 +0100

At 18:02 25.03.98 -0500, Kragen wrote:
>On Wed, 25 Mar 1998, Mike McDonald wrote:
>>   As for doing a gc on a lispm, NO, NEVER! It was faster to reboot the
>> machine every couple of months than do a full gc. The only time one
>> would do a full gc was right before dumping a world load. Now, if you
>> make everything persistant, then I guess you'd have to do a full gc to
>> clean things up as much as possible. I'd hate to see how long that'd
>> take on a machine with a couple gig of memory.
>Incremental GC, especially if it were running during idle time (and not
>just at cons time), would eliminate this problem.  Unless you happened
>to almost fill up your disk -- which could be a bad thing.

Ephemeral GC does a fine job on the Symbolics. If you need
you can schedule an GC in the night. Performance would
greatly increase with more RAM. Hitting the disk is always