Genera and GPL

Fare Rideau
Thu, 26 Mar 1998 18:11:15 +0100

[About paying to make LispM software public]

> The legal fees to find out
> who owns it might only amount to a few hundred or a few thousand dollars.
> I'd be willing to put up 10 bucks.  How about you?

I'm ready to pay from a few bucks to a few thousand bucks,
depending on what I get back. I won't send any money to anyone
I can't trust, and as I'm in France, there are little ways I
can get to trust any lawyer in the States.

What about contacting FSF professionals, or people from another
well-known free software organization, big enough to have lawyers?
Such people I could trust, and send them a one hundreds bucks "to see"
and one thousand "to buy"...

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