Lisp Machine code as free software

Fare Rideau
Thu, 26 Mar 1998 19:12:24 +0100

Dear M. Brooks,

   I'm writing to you to inquire about the status of LispMachine software
owned by the MIT, and the possibility of its being published under
a free software license like the MIT/X, BSD, or GNU GPL.
I know M. William Barnett-Lewis <> already contacted you
on that subject.

I'm sure you understand the advantages of free software for users
(quicker bug reporting and fixing, better mutual trust between
users and authors, hence longer life, better reliability, and better
performance, etc). Since I believe the MIT's and the AI lab's interest
in LispMachine software and hardware is mostly in using them,
it would really be great should you publicly release LispMachine code
you have.

Also, I'd be glad if you could help us convince other owners of old
LispMachine code to release it, since it is also their interest to
have it out, as it will increase their fame, and provide them with
opportunities to sell services and know-how on the subject afterwards.

Thanks a lot for your attention. Regards,

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