Misc ideas & comments

David Tillman dtillman@cannonexpress.com
Fri, 27 Mar 1998 09:37:18 -0600

>         5. I think that debates like CL versus Scheme are useless if
> they make the project stop. I don't mind switching to CL if that
> proves to be easier and more efficient to get LispOS started.

    Absolutely! I love Scheme but I would rather see a Lispy OS
    happen rather than debate Lisp vs Scheme.

    It seems to me that there many things that we could be designing
    *now* before the core is done.

    For example: Assuming that the LispOS is multiuser, what structure
    will we use to store user info. We could use the same primitive
    structure as the Unix passwd file. This would seem to be a tragedy
    as we have the opportunity to so muh more.

    An Unixy type would probably look like this:

        ("bob" "N32FSUODn7lo2" 1004 100 "Bob Smith" "MIS Office"
        "x127" 'std-home 'std-shell)

    Perhaps a Lispy version would look like:

        ('bob "N32FSUODn7lo2" 'std-home 'std-shell)

    The symbol 'bob would be used to look up all extra info
    in a LDAP type structure.

    Comments? How did Lip machines store user info?


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