OS Wars

Damond Walker moribund@netgsi.com
Fri, 27 Mar 1998 13:06:20 -0500

>Isn't this a task for another mailing list?  If memory serves me
>correctly, this list was split awhile ago into a VM and O/S list.

    I do think we should have two groups for such a thing.  But I do like
the idea of having a VM at the core of all this...I'd hate to write some
lisp code and have it stuck under just Linux or FreeBSD or Windows because
of available development tools.

>I wonder how the VM folks are coming along?

    Any of them on this list?

>I like the idea of starting with a shell first since that would
>be more apparent to the user and the true power of Lisp can
>shine.  Getting something out that we can be proud of and show
>off to others early on is (IMO) a good idea, for morale and
>possibly new recruits.

    Well, if we want to do this under Linux it's easy to get Allegro from
Franz.  They have a pretty open policy regarding the use of their system
(basically, you can't sell the apps in a commercial environment).  Or any of
the CL systems available....it really doesn't matter.  Lets start working on
a shell then damnit!  :)  If someone does create a VM, we can move it then.

    Features of the shell?  Aside from scripting and the like...  Console
based at the start...