Why LispOS?

Rodrigo Ventura yoda@isr.ist.utl.pt
Fri, 27 Mar 1998 21:38:28 +0100 (GMT+0100)

        Albeit yout mail is over 200 lines long, it is easy to reply,
because most of it are personal comments. Unlike you, I have some
respect for the list subscribers and even you. And as you make so
little on-topic issues, a short reply will come about!

        And BTW, no, english is not my native language. Do you really
have to resort to those sort of comments to make your point? You
really are out of arguments, aren't you?

        Anyway I'll ignore all your useless personal comments and be
as cordial as possible.

>>>>> "cosc" == "cosc19z5@bayou uh edu" <cosc19z5@bayou.uh.edu> writes:

    cosc> I see you are new to computing in general then.  Reliability is a
    cosc> feature that is independent of the ability of the operator.
    cosc> System A is either more reliable than system B or it is not,
    cosc> regardless of the operator.

         I guess that any one with enought privileges could bring any
system unusable, and therefore unreliable in your terms. Am I right?
That is not a criterium. And obviously, reliability cannot be defined
in terms of the operator. The reasonable middle-term seems to be that
there exists a way to prevent a user (without root for instance) to be
unable to bring the system down. Anyway I guess there is no clear
definition of reliability is in these terms. Do you have
(constructive) suggestion?

    >> Windows designer as root, would probably trash the UNIX OS in seconds...

    cosc> There is no such thing as "root" under Windows.  Why don't you

        I appologise for my bad english. I intended to say that a
person who designed windows, or that only program under the conceptual
framework Windows provides, would have difficulty at coping with  full
access to a UNIX box. Or in other words, people used to windows have a
longer learning curve than the reverse.

    cosc> I got news for you, you've been flaming all along.

        Given what you have send to the mailing list, you have no
authority to talk about flaming someone. I've never insulted you
personally. The reverse is not true thou...

    >> Badly designed? Well, tell me that X is badly designed, and
    >> what GUI is well designed in your opinion! 

    cosc> NextStep.

        Yeah! Finally something not personal! Congrats!
        NeXTstep was (is?) a great system, with a great
design. Although it seems to me that it has much less flexibility than
X has. For instance, is it trivial to run apps on a remote server?
Well, for one thing, it is not closs-platform. And NeXTstep
implementations on PC's (and now in Mac) were (are not yet) as
efficient as in old 68040 machines... But I guess NeXT's DSP made all
the difference. And how about window managers? X supports window
managers that can change radically the look and feel. Guess that
doesn't happen with NeXT. In general, X seems to me much more flexible
than NeXT. But I really don't have much experience on working with NeXT...

    cosc> You're the only one fighting a Windows vs. Unix war.  I said that
    cosc> Unix was not a good O/S, and you came to the conclusion that
    cosc> I was a Windows fanatic.

        Well, I prefer a WINxUNIX war than insult anyone in this list!

    >> Note that the people that
    >> usually reads this mailing list have technical expertise enough to
    >> know how Windows sucks... 

    cosc> And technical expertise enough to know how Unix sucks...

        May I ask, if you say unix sucks, what is your reference
level? What OS corresponds to the level 0, below which everything
"sucks". (can you elaborate more than in terms of "do/don't suck"?)

    cosc> I'm not calling everyone on this mailing list stupid, I am only
    cosc> calling you stupid, and not because you like Unix, but just because

        Wow, you must have some ego problem... your need to insult
people you don't even know... Can't be more explicit than that, can

    cosc> said], and you have a SERIOUS attitude problem which I intend
    cosc> to adjust...

        I only hope I never get as you are.
        I'd be ashamed of myself if I had to insult people (eg, call
them stupid) in order to make my points clear.
        Am I supposed to be like you? Do you consider yourself a model
of netiquete? really? That's a pity, because you seem to have valid
technical ideas, which I'd like to discuss, if only you didn't insult
people like that! You are more intelligent than that, aren't you?
Please make an effort. I guess we all would appreciate that...



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