Misc ideas & comments

Rainer Joswig joswig@lavielle.com
Fri, 27 Mar 1998 23:54:24 +0100

At 22:23 27.03.98 +0100, Rodrigo Ventura wrote:
>>>>>> "David" == David Tillman <dtillman@cannonexpress.com> writes:
>    David>     Comments? How did Lip machines store user info?
>        I have a LispM nearby, and I'll never forget the day I
>installed TCP/IP and tryed to telnet from a PC to the LispM. The LispM
>didn't even ask for user/passwd and gave me a lisp listener. Then, for
>fun, I tried "(shutdown)", and it worked! That day I realized I could
>never leave the LispM permanently connected to the net. Anyone could
>telnet and do the more horrible things to it. Even at the console
>there were no passwd. A "(login 'username)" was enought to get into
>anyones account.

You can restrict access to trusted hosts.

Agreed, nowadays would would need more.