Why LispOS?

Kelly Murray kem@franz.com
Fri, 27 Mar 1998 16:19:57 -0800

Yadda Yadda Yadda, Yakity Yak Yak

It could go on forever, and in the end nothing has been done,
and nothing has changed.  I'll be unsubscribing from this list,
so I don't have to be tortured any longer.

As Will Hartung might have said
(as was ignored), "It's the Applications, Stupid.".
A CommonLisp implementation of Emacs would be at least useful.

Byron Davies was also spot-on.  Better technology is worthless
unless it solves a real problem that creates significant value.
It's the application(s) that create the real value, and AI was
the application that carried Symbolics et al where they went.
Remember, Symbolics tried to keep selling the "old Lisp Machine".
Nobody was buying.  Simply cloning it would yeild the same fate.

I have personally made lots of progress towards my vision
of a New Lisp Machine and the application(s) that will run on it.

-Kelly Murray  kem@franz.com   Franz Inc

P.S. I'm not at liberty to say what I've done or
     what I'm doing anymore.  It's proprietary. :(