LispOS Web Site Maintenance

Rainer Joswig
Mon, 30 Mar 1998 16:49:39 +0200

At 8:05 Uhr -0600 30.03.1998, wrote:
>Hi all,
>With regards to the LispOS web site at:
>What is the maintenance situation on that?  I ask because
>there is little information on there, and even that seems
>innaccurate/outdated.  Furthermore, I seem unable to
>access the archive links.
>While I'm at it, what sort of procedures should be used
>for sending code to the archive (is this where we should
>send our work?).  Do we start our own little work area
>or dump everything in the main area, do it by ftp, register
>with the maintainer, etc...?
>Some updates and information would be greatly appreciated.

The ALU (Association of Lisp Users) is still
trying to start their web site. Currently this is running
on a conventional web server. They have a Linux PC, ACL and
CL-HTTP. The MIT AI Lab has agreed to host the machine
in their rooms. Maybe a participation can benefit
both projects?

I'm will try to move the web site (which
is hosted by us (Lavielle, on a conventional system))
to a NXP1000 with CL-HTTP as the web server.

When you would like to show the usefulness of Lisp,
"eat your own dog food". Which means show the
benefit of a dynamic Lisp-based system. 

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