LispOS on a 68000

Dwight Hughes
Thu, 14 May 1998 18:06:08 +0000

David Tillman wrote:
>     Something this hardware-centric may be a bit off-topic for
>     the LispOS list. If anyone wants to discuss it further, I
>     would be glad to discuss it here, or I can start a lisp-hardware
>     list.

I certainly don't mind - but neither would I mind a new list.

>     I think my goals would be:
>         a. Have *one* variant of video board.
>         b. Have *one* variant of I/O board.
>         c. Use standard SIMMs.
>         d. Use SCSI as much as possible.

I have been considering a similar tactic for getting the "real"
LispOS on the metal in PCs -- since what we want (well, what
*I* want) is a LispM _workstation_, I see little sense in
supporting every miserable video card and piece of crap
I/O card in existence. Why not pick _one_ reasonable, high
performance configuration for a reference and design to it.
Later, we can add more hardware as is interesting and useful.
The people that will be initially interested in this thing
would jump at the chance to put together a system for a
few hundred bucks and create a LispM. 

Mighty oaks don't fall from the sky, they start very small
and grow for a long time.

-- Dwight