LispOS on a 68000

David Tillman
Wed, 20 May 1998 16:29:18 -0500

    I have looked at the ARM, Mitsubishi, and IDT stuff.
    At this point I still think that I would rather go
    for the elegant approach rather than the brute force
    approach. So, I am still planning on using something
    in the 680x0 line and migrating it later to the PPC
    or ColdFire series.

    I still have many questions:

        Where can I find details about how tag bits are
        implemented and their rationale.

        I am still trying to decide on a bus. VME is nice
        but the components hurt price wise. ISA reeks, PCI
        reeks. I am interested in how a switching bus is
        implemented, ala SGI.

        Does it make sense to use a separate processor for
        concurrent GC? I am still getting up to speed on GC
        so please tolerate strange questions.