MIT 6.001

Sam Steingold
08 Nov 1998 14:40:07 -0500

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 >> On 6 Nov 1998, Sam Steingold wrote:
 >> >  >> Would basically give you the same thing -- or something close.  Now we need
 >> >  >> a basic Lisp shell.
 >> >
 >> > CLISP? (
 >> Even though it isn't lisp, the scheme shell scsh is probably to way to go.
 >> I've often thought of rewriting the init scripts in scsh to make a more
 >> lispish system, but the extent of the task has prevented me from
 >> undertaking it.
 >> As a shell, scsh is pretty much unparalleled.  I can think of no other
 >> shells that have access to all of the POSIX system calls.  Its only
 >> detriment is that nobody has written a CLI interface for it.  IOW, there's
 >> no way to interact with it other than the old, difficult REPL.  If someone
 >> took the time to write linkage to the GNU readline library and to termcap
 >> then you'd have a shell that spoke scheme, had history, complex screen
 >> commands (such as making text windows and the like), and full access to
 >> all the major UNIX syscalls.  Someone wrote a web server in it, for
 >> example.  It's much more than just a shell scripting interpreter, except
 >> for its lacking a terse command set and having a good command line iface.

CLISP has all this (text windows, POSIX, readline, termcap etc), plus
full power of ANSI CL.

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