Mailing-list archives

Francois-Rene Rideau
Thu, 12 Nov 1998 18:12:09 +0100

Dear LispOS people,
   I realized recently that there wasn't an up-to-date on-line archive
of the lispos mailing-list. The one at
ends in April 1997, and it has no search engine.
Actually, there used to be three sites about the LispOS effort,
two of which are down, and the third of which is seemingly unmaintained.

I'd like to setup a searchable archive of the mailing list,
and perhaps a mirror of the former pages.

Unhappily, I have no backup of the web pages, and a very partial archive
of messages posted. If anyone has a reasonably complete archive of messages,
please contact me.

PS: of *course*, it will be made clear that LispOS is a collection of efforts
not directly related to Tunes, involving different persons, etc, etc.

Best regards,

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