Scheme compilers

Eugene Zaikonnikov
Wed, 2 Sep 1998 18:52:55 +0300

>I'm looking to make a/o adapt a scheme compiler for a parallel distributed
>OS that I'm designing.  I've already browsed LIAR for ideas, but the
>MIT-Scheme system is (as ppl have said) far too complex for my tastes,
>though it is very well developed.  The only real requirement I have is
>that it generates compiled object code for ix86 processors and runs in
>*nix.  And has *some* sort of documentation besides comments.
>Anyone have any good suggestions?  Even simple Lisp compilers will work as
>I can adapt them to do what I want, though some differences between the
>languages may be insurmountable.

How about Kali? It's a distributed Scheme environment, based on Scheme48,
developed somewhere at NEC. AFAIK, it employs TCP/IP for communication
between processes on distant hosts. Unfortunately, I can't remember URL.

>If anyone recalls me mentioning the idea for a Scheme-based OS they might
>wish to know that I'm getting started on it.  Still designing, and slowly,
>but it's going.  My time's mostly taken up with making moitoring equipment
>for a biologist, and what free time I have has been spent on the parallel
>cluster some of the local lab freaks are building, so I haven't found any
>time to do more than just reading, thinking, and browsing source.  If
>anyone's interested I'll put my notes up on our web server for public
>perusal.  Comments are welcome, but lousy content-free flamage will be
>silently tossed in the bit bucket.

I'd like to look.