Scheme compilers

Eugene Zaikonnikov
Thu, 10 Sep 1998 15:11:46 +0300

John Kozak wrote:
>> Most LMI CADRs and Lambdas were sold with complete source code (all
>> the way down to the microcode!)
>Idle musing: has anyone considered re-implementing one of the LispM
>CPU designs on an FPGA?

But then you have to reimplement all another parts of the LispM? It's fairly
expensive. Then, problem with software still remains. CONS is almost
ordinary CPU with some bizarre instruction set, and there's no warranty that
its FPGA analog can outperform, say, Alpha with decent CL system. As being
said by wise people here, compiler design has gone far from middle eighties,
but CPU design evolved even more from late seventies! K-machine could be an
alternative, as it exploits more advanced architecture and relies heavily on
compiler, but it's unfinished, and again, software...