Scheme compilers

Rainer Joswig
Fri, 11 Sep 1998 11:48:02 -0400

At 10:28 Uhr -0400 11.09.1998, Mark Dulcey wrote:

>How about a port to Alpha/Linux? There are inexpensive Alpha systems out
>there, and it should be an easy port - no need to change any of the core
>emulation code. Plus it eliminates the need for that expensive Digital
>Unix license, not to mention the fact that the low-end Alpha systems don't
>run Digital Unix (they lack the right microcode or some such thing).

I also think that this would be a good thing. In case
you had some trouble with the OS  - you could modify it
to be able to run the emulation. Get rid of the dependence on DEC Unix.
Next thing - get rid of the underlying OS altogether. Genera is already
an OS and has lots of this stuff in place. You would
need to be able to interface IO (keyboard, screen,
disk, ethernet, ...). But the infrastructure is already there.

>Longer-term, a port to SPARC might work well - those Ultra 5s are pretty
>cheap now. (The base system is down to $2400; fully configured with enough
>RAM and a good 21-inch monitor, it should still be under $5K.)

When do you think SUN will have a 64 Bit OS. Is that already
Solaris 2.7? 2.8? This then would be a possible target,
assuming that you have customers who want that.

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