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Rainer Joswig
Fri, 11 Sep 1998 15:39:27 -0400

At 14:23 Uhr -0400 11.09.1998, Kragen wrote:

>> When do you think SUN will have a 64 Bit OS. Is that already
>> Solaris 2.7? 2.8? This then would be a possible target,
>> assuming that you have customers who want that.
>UltraPenguin's been out for a year or two.

On SUNs which are in commercial environments with applications
I'd definitely want to run Solaris.

Interestlingly I have seen very few DEC Alphas in the publishing
business here in Germany. Mostly you see SUNs and a few
IBM RS6000 or SGIs.

Given that currently OpenGenera uses Alpha assembler code,
it is surely better to get a new Alpha in case someone
wants to run Genera and not to wait for a port to SPARC. To drive
the costs down one would want to use cheap standard hardware and
even a free OS like Linux would be o.k, given that OpenGenera
would run on such a combination.

What would interest me, how would such a machine to
run OpenGenera/Linux would look like and what would it
cost. Maybe we should put a list of a typical
and cheap hardware/software combination on a web page.
Still Open Genera will cost *some* money. The price
would be comparable to commercial Lisps from Franz
and Harlequin for Unix boxes.


  If anybody is interested, I may visit Symbolics next week
  and talk to them. In case you have any ideas/suggestions/questions,
  send them to me and I'll try to keep you updated on the results.



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