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> Ray> Actually, I've joined the list sometime after it quit being
> Ray> active, too.  My "read" from the archive was that things were
> Ray> stalled waiting for a real honest-to-goodness LISP compiler that
> Ray> compiled things to code just as fast and efficient as if they'd
> Ray> been written in C and compiled with GCC.
Chris> IMHO what happened was that after a lot of discussion, it became
Chris> apparent that it was impossible to agree upon a single design upon
Chris> which to work. In the lack of TOUP (The One Unified Plan), it was more
Chris> or less explicitly agreed that we needed to get some code on the table
Chris> before collective progress can be made.

I had some ideas of collecting the vastness of information provided
by the lispos members, but then i was forced to realize that i haven't
any time. (120% work and 20% degree project doesn't make a very funny

I had another idea about listing possible discussions subjects, like
CommonLisp vs. Scheme vs. something-inbetween-them-lisp, and make
regular summaries, but i haven't time for that either.

Chris> There are people around the list working on various corners, so it
Chris> being quiet isn't (necessarily) just an indication of nothing being
Chris> done.
Chris> But how about it folks? Are we dead or alive?

I'm currently looking in other directions:
    - rscheme + my degree project plan executor (alternative to
      reactive (approximately equals bottom-up-reacting) systems
      for autonomous vehicles),
    - rscheme + something with fonts and Xwindows making it easy
      and fun to develop for Linux.

My current interests about any OS is to run a plan executor very
near the hardware, which would imply that i should take contact with
the AIOS group, but... later. Maybe there are AIOSers whose ideas are
in the direction of LISP?

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