a good volunteer

David Tillman dtillman@cannonexpress.com
29 Sep 1998 09:34:47 -0500

>>>> In a fit of lucidity, Christian Lynbech <chl@tbit.dk> mumbled:

> But how about it folks? Are we dead or alive?

  Mostly dead. I was originally pursuing a hardware platform
  for the OS based on something not quite so brain-damaged as
  Intel. Hopefully a multiprocessor Motorola based system, but
  more likely something based on either the StrongArm or IDT

  The reality is that current PC platforms are too cheap to make
  a custom solution worthwhile unless some real performance wins
  can be demonstrated. (Hey Kragen, how about a Beowulf-in-a-box
  running LispOS?)

  As always, the real-world with real-world time constraints intrudes
  and I have abandoned it for the time being.

  I would still like to see an Open Hardware project take place.
  However; that is very off-topic.


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