Details of Optimisation Table VM

Bill House
Wed, 7 May 1997 09:30:48 -0700

John Wood wrote:
> The concept of downloadable "instruction set libraries" with either 
> implementation offered both natively and in terms of other "instruction set 
> libraries" is unrelated to Intentional Programming.  The IP spec really 
> prompted me to think along these lines, rather than copy-paste the ideas 
> directly.
Well, that seems better. I'm not sure what IP has to do with all this, but I
guess your paper will illuminate that. We just need to be be careful not to

FWIW, I would be very happy to see something mainstream come out of this, as
Lisp and Scheme would then have a wider stage (not to mention putting a kink in
the "one true language" bunch's plans). I don't think "everything should be
written in Java."

However, at the same time, it is important to do things in such a way that
preserves our freeware credentials. Commercial interest around the grass-roots
UVM standard aspect of this project is a Good Thing, but it has to be kept in
perspective, or support for this effort among the Lisp, Scheme and academic
communities will falter. 

Nevertheless, I do think that a UVM can be rolled into this project and that it
would serve as an excellent basis for both Lisp and current mainstream

Bill House
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