Making deployment easier

John Wood
Mon, 12 May 97 00:09:43 UT

>> I totally like this idea of a compiler construction kit! We can make it
Wizard-based, so anybody with a general idea of the domain can whip up a UVM 
language hosting.<<

Yeah.. perhaps the main screen being something like a BNF definition - with 
property sheets to define the mapping from the BNF to a program model..  and 
wizards can help construct common bits - like function definitions etc.  Then 
all that will be left will be the writing of the inline bits in the UVM's 
instruction set - even provide an editor (and tree to select the OT commands).

Making it *this* easy to produce compilers and edit languages could be 
dangerous however.  We will have 20 million versions of C++.  Perhaps if we 
thought more about the "translation" thing, and made this a feature, it 
wouldn't be such a big deal - any non-standard languages could just be 
translated to the standard language.

Oh well.. a lot to think about with all this.