Producing the instruction implementations -Reply

Marcus G. Daniels
12 May 1997 09:10:48 -0700

>>>>> "RW" == Ray Whitmer <> writes:

RW> I don't know if the gnu public license is an acceptable
RW> basis for the project, or if the goals
RW> are to make something more open that even commercial providers
RW> could directly incorporate into commercial offerings. 

Commercial providers *can* incorporate GPLed code in to commercial
offerings. Cygnus Solutions is an example of a company doing this.

  "Driven by our unique business model, the company's sales have grown at
   a compound annual rate of over 65% since 1992. Our consistent
   profitability and solid financial position have enabled the company to
   rapidly expand operations to support the growing needs of our 
   customer base.

   Cygnus is a privately held company with venture capital investment
   from August Capital and Greylock Management. We currently have
   approximately 100 employees, over 2/3 of which are engineers."