Producing the instruction implementations -Reply

James P White
Mon, 12 May 1997 16:26:23 -0700

At 11:55 AM 5/12/97 -0700, Marcus Daniels wrote:
>MD>  Note that it is Cygnus Solutions, not Cygnus Support.
>JW> That's what I said.  Consultants not product vendors.
>Cygnus' products include gnu-win32, and Kerberos, and
>package things like GNU binutils and GNU gdb.  They just so happen
>not to restrict redistribution of source code.

Yes, I know who Cygnus is.  Among other things they host the Kawa home page.
And no, GNU GPL is not the "only" difference between companies that enhance
and package GNU GPL software and companies that don't.  And the source code
distribution *is* restricted by "copyleft" as spelled out in the GNU GPL.

The point of this thread (or at least my posting) was that I believe that if
this discussion group wants to produce anything that has broad acceptance in
terms of implementation in software that the general public gets to use, it
should not get intwined in the GNU GPL.  I consider the "general public" to
mean a much larger group than just Linux, FreeBSD, and educational users.

Naturally this is just my opinion, but I would wager that it is a reasonable
reflection of the software marketplace. 

My interest in this group is the hope that the Java VM will eventually get
some extensions to better support LISP, and more particularly Scheme.  The
bottom line on which is that we need continuations.  I believe this to be an
acheivable goal.


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