UVM Architectures

John Wood tenshon@msn.com
Mon, 19 May 97 01:26:05 UT

>> Of course, one way to avoid the thornier issues is to consider each 
language to be running on its own virtual VM, with the UVM being 
more of a VM factory than an actual VM. Then, normal IPC 
(COM, CORBA, whatever) can take care of calling semantics <<

I think what myself and MK were discussing closely resembles
this concept.  Effectively we end up providing the ability to have
a file which merely maps on to calls to a "Given Model" - albeit
an ActiveX, LispOS or whatever model, using COM, CORBA or 
whatever as the IPC.  By adding extensions to the model 
definition we can also add optimisations such as
inlining.  We also get all the functionality we were discussing,
such as inheritance of instruction sets and dynamically
extending instruction sets, and we can make use of
many existing standards in model definitions.

I like this idea.