Resources/References for LispOS/LispVM

Greg Gritton x2386
Mon, 19 May 97 21:59:14 PDT

Dwight Hughes,

    Thank you for your list of Web resources relevant to the LispOS
and LispVM.  Since many are discussing creating a Universal VM 
to execute Java and Smalltalk as well as Lisp, I thought I would 
add an interesting Smalltalk resource.

Another relevant resource:
   Squeak - a free VM for Smalltalk, including full source in Smalltalk
            a well as a reduced Smalltalk to C cross-compiler
     <>  for Unix/Windows versions.

There are numerous Web resources relating to Java.
An interesting one is:

       A Java VM with full source-code.
       This includes both an interpreter and JIT compiler for various systems.    

Greg Gritton

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